HEY JOE! Bearded Survival Kit

44,00  (IVA Incluido)

HEY JOE! Bearded Survival Kit is a must for those with handsome beards. Pack consisting of Beard Oil No. 1 (30 ml.), Beard Shampoo No. 1 (120 ml.) and acclaimed brush Dessata Beard Brush by HEY JOE!

BEARD OIL No. 1: The renowned Hey Joe! beard oil is unique and unmistakable both for its exclusive blend of aromas and for the quality of the oils used to make the formula.

BEARD SHAMPOO No. 1: It is designed to thoroughly clean those areas with special grooming needs, without forgetting the nutrition-hydration and conditioning of the skin as well as the beard and mustache.

DESSATA BEARD BRUSH: Our brush has an innovative design carefully studied to provide a fantastic result in the disentangling and care of your beard.

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