Premium Badger Shaving Brush

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HEY JOE! Premium Badger Shaving Brush is a high quality, gentle shaving brush. Handmade by hand using a careful hand crafted process.

The bristles used to make this shaving brush come from natural badger hair in White badger quality “Two Bands”. Twobands badger hair is extracted from a particular kind of badger that is relatively uncommon. The flexibility of the “two band” hair is slightly stiffer tan that of the silver tipped badger. For the assembly of our brushes all the hair is carefully selected, weighed unit by unit and shaped manually.

It is designed in height, diameter and density to provide a unique shaving experience. Its ivory coloured polished resin handle provides a non slip grip and its nickel alloyed aluminium base gives it exceptional weight balancing and a truly elegant finish.

Take a look at this handy accessory and feel the difference.

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